Directory Submission: FAQs

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Directory Submission FAQsThere are few questions, which every new client of mine will ask me before placing directory submission orders. Keeping in mind the repetitive nature of these queries, I thought it would be better if I post about them here. So, here are my simple answers to your questions:

Do you think submitting my site to Niche directories is more effective than general directories?

In my opinion, all directories are effective – provided they are well organized and don’t put too many links on one single page. As for the debate between Niche and General, every category in a directory is a sort of niche – so search engines would register the sites included in there as “on topic”. That’s why you should always make sure that your is included is in the most appropriate category.

Should anyone submit to a directory which has PR 0? Will submitting to a PR 0 directories would impact my Page Rank adversely?

No ways! Had that been the case, then giants like Google & Yahoo! would be having a poor rank. Backlinks from any site is always useful (Provided it is not a banned one). Page Rank only helps in determining the weightage the link should get in determining your own Page Rank by Google. Having links from PR 0 directories will not adversely affect your rankings. Rather, they will only help you in achieving higher PR.

I will always submit my sites to PR0 directories as they are usually free directories, sites get listed very quickly and they also might get a PR boost in the next Google update as they are constantly promoting themselves. So, whats 0 today may be 4 or even 5 tomorrow. Thats when your links from these sites will really help you. And they don’t take very long to gain on their PR.

What if after inclusion in a directory, my site changes radically? Will that result in my site being removed from the directories?

Practically speaking, most directories won’t bother to look back at your site once they approve it. I run 5 directories and never bother to look back at sites I have in their. I just carry out an occasional link check to see if the site exists or not. So changing your site’s look and design won’t impact the site’s listing in a particular directory.


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